mapa espana extremadura enCáceres is located in the west part of Spain, 99 kilometers from the border of Portugal, and 300 kilometers from Madrid and Lisbon. Spain borders with Portugal to the West, Ávila and Salamanca to the North, Badajoz to the South, and Toledo to the East.

Cáceres is situated  at  39º 28’ 30’’ North latitude, 6º 22’ 30’’ West longitude, and 430 meters elevation above the sea level.

The township occupies 1.768 Km2, being the largest municipality in Spain. One of the most important stopovers on the well known Vía de la Plata, it has a permanent population of 95,000 people plus a transient one of 15,000 more, mostly students. Other nearby towns of interest are: Trujillo (45 km), Mérida (68 km), Valencia de Alcántara (92 km), Alcántara (63 km), Coria (68 km) and Plasencia (82 km).     .

In the heart of the historic city


Accesing the Monumental City by car

The Monumental City of Cáceres was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1986 due to its excellent state of preservation and its high concentration of monuments. For this reason, traffic in the Monumental City is restricted by a bollard system and it requires express authorization to enter. Cáceres Medieval has such authorization, which allows our customers access to the Monumental City to unload luggage.

For your convenience, we’ll send you a sketch with directions and detailed information via email once the reservation is confirmed.
   By car:
From Madrid taking the highway N-V towards Trujillo and soon take the N-521 one.  A-66 highway communicates Cáceres with Salamanca by the north through Plasencia, and with Seville by the south through Mérida. With Lisbon by N-523 road until Badajoz, and from there by N-V highway. There is also communication with Portugal through the N-521 road by Valencia de Alcántara, in addition to other border pass in the province.
   By train:
RENFE train station
Avda. de Alemania, s/n.
Telf. 927 235 061
   By bus:
Bus Station
C/ Túnez, s/n.
Telf. 927 232 550
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